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Western Kentucky Florida College Booster Club

2015 NEW SCHOLARSHIP GOAL of $7,500 EXCEEDED! Total Scholarships Awarded for 2015 = $8,500
In November 2014, we challenged our membership and supporters in the Western Kentucky area to help us reach a NEW Scholarship Goal of $7,500 (from the $5,000 set and achieved the previous 3 years). Members and supporters not only listened as we explained the importance of these scholarships to our students from this area (who become outstanding leaders and representatives on FC's campus) but also answered our challenge by renewing & establishing memberships, attending various fundraisers held, and opening their generous hearts again and again to achieve a 70% increase in funds from the previous year!
We are SO pleased to announce that $8,500 in scholarships were awarded to students from the Western Kentucky area to attend Florida College for the 2015-2016 academic year and these fantastic recipients are:
Freshman Lindsey Embry
Freshman Regan Hammer
Sophomore Caitlin Martin
Sophomore Tanner Pearson
Senior Ethan Shutt

Congratulations to these outstanding students AND to our members and supporters for their wonderful support and generosity!

KROGER Plus Card Fundraising Program: Please RE-Register your Card the month of August

Please remember to re-register your Kroger Plus Savings Card the month of August, as those that have registered previously will be deleted unless re-registered. If you have never registered your card before, we encourage you to do so, as this helps the WKFCBC earn 4% back on all purchases made at Krogerl 

Simply register OR re-register your card at the link found here and enter our organization's NPO number of 89788! Let's get our cards registered and beging earning the WKFCBC 4% every time you purchase gas, prescriptions, or groceries. Just by swiping your Kroger Plus Card or entering your phone number linked to your card. SO EASY!

**Contact a WKFCBC officer or visit our "NEWS/EVENTS" tab for further information or how to get started in this fantastic program!

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Scholarship Recepients:

Lindsey Embry, Regan Hammer, Caitlin Martin, Tanner Pearson, & Ethan Shutt

**Thank you for your tremendous support of the WKFCBC this year as we EXCEEDED our goal of $7500 earned for student scholarships for the 2015-2016 Academic School Year!















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