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Western Kentucky Florida College Booster Club

Scholarship Fund Goal of $9000 MET for 2016:

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Scholarship Recepients:

Hallie Earnhart, William Kelley, Samuel Lee, Lindsey Embry, Regan Hammer, Caitlin Martin, & Tanner Pearson

August is RE-Enrollment Month for Kroger Plus Savings Cards:

Please remember to re-register your Kroger Plus Savings Card the month of August, as those that have registered previously will be deleted unless re-registered. If you have never registered your card before, we encourage you to do so, as this helps the WKFCBC earn 4% back on all purchases made at Krogerl Remember to check the bottom of your receipt for the message "As requested a donation was made to the Western Kentucky Florida College Booster Club" to guarantee you have completed the registration process correctly.

Simply register OR re-register your card at the link found here:


and enter our organization's NPO number of 89788! Let's get our cards registered and begin earning the WKFCBC 4% every time you purchase gas, prescriptions, or groceries. Just by swiping your Kroger Plus Card or entering your phone number linked to your card. SO EASY!

*Participants that do not have an email address or computer access can also call 1(800) KROGERS, OPTION 3 or 1(800)576-4377, OPTION 3.

**Thank you for your tremendous support of the WKFCBC this year as we met our goal of $9000 earned for student scholarships for the 2016-2017 Academic School Year!





















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